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This week’s recipes

We are closed in August to prepare September with  new products and new healthy recipes!
Orders are already possible to be delivered the 4th of September.

We’re delivering rightly portioned ingredients and deliciously healthy recipes.

- no gluten, no milk protein
- Ingredients are locally sourced, organic or wild and always fresh from the season

Next delivery: Monday July 5? orders to be places before Wednesday July 5 at noon ?

Guests over next week-end?  Not feeling like going shopping; nor thinking about the menu? Contact us: and we’ll help you finding the right formula.


Grocery and fresh market

Need oils, spices, dried fruits or any other cooking ingredients? Discover our raw quality range, containing a maximum of nutritional benefits!
Oils, olives, honey, dried fruits, seaweeds, for the “final touch” of your recipes, salads or just to enjoy delicious snacks…
Feeling like creating your own recipes? Check out our exclusive meat and fish selection.



Pol Grégoire explains l'Alimentation Vive

Focus on Apple !

1000 years ago , we could found 2000 various apples, only in Europe  with so many different tastes and nutrients.
With massive food production, apples couldn't resist to chemical fertilizers and difficult transportation. Only the Golden apple could resist and represents now 80% of the European market.

Some apples appear in our gardens as well...  as Boskoop, Court pendu, Cox pippin,... Delicious!

You can still find some old fruits from local producers respectful of the environment and the nature gift.  We mainly use the Boskoop in our recipes with unique taste! 


Our quality engagement

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